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Don’t throw away used thermos cups

In daily life, some people drink water from thermos cups. So, what to do with the old thermos cup? Do you have an old thermos cup at home? It is very practical to put in the kitchen and can save hundreds of dollars a year. Today I will share with you a trick that puts an old thermos cup in the kitchen, which solves many troubles faced by drinking families. Let’s take a look at the uses of a thermos cup in the kitchen!

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The role of old thermos cups in the kitchen

Function 1: Preserve food from moisture
There are some indispensable ingredients in the kitchen that need to be sealed and stored to prevent moisture, such as Sichuan peppercorns. So, do you know how to preserve these ingredients to prevent them from getting damp? If you encounter such a problem, share a storage method. First prepare an old thermos cup. Then put the ingredients that need to be preserved into a ziplock bag and put it into a thermos cup. Remember, when putting the fresh-keeping bag into the thermos cup, remember to leave a section outside. When preserving food, just screw on the lid of the thermos cup. Preserved food in this way can not only be sealed to prevent it from getting damp, but also can be poured out by just tilting it when taking it, which is very practical.

Function 2: Peel garlicFriends who often cook in the kitchen will encounter the problem of peeling garlic. So, do you know how to peel garlic quickly and easily? If you encounter such a problem, I will teach you how to peel garlic quickly. First prepare an old thermos cup. Then break the garlic into cloves and throw them into the thermos cup, cover the cup, and shake for one minute. During the shaking process of the thermos cup, the garlic will collide with each other, and the garlic skin will automatically break away. After shaking, the garlic skin will have fallen off when you pour it out.

Function 3: Storage of plastic bags
In every family kitchen, there are plastic bags brought back from grocery shopping. So, do you know how to store plastic bags in the kitchen to save space? If you encounter such a problem, I will teach you how to solve it. First thread the tail of the plastic bag into the handle part of another plastic bag. After sorting and returning the plastic bag, just stuff the plastic bag into the thermos cup. Storing plastic bags in this way is not only tidy, but also saves space. When you need to use a plastic bag, just pull one out of the thermos cup….

Post time: Jul-10-2024