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Stainless steel water cup production process – drawn tube

Usually when people use stainless steel water cups, they will notice that there are two types of seams and no seams on the inner wall of the water cup. What process is used to join the tough stainless steel together with seams?

Stainless steel water cup

The tube drawing process is to use mechanical action to curl the stainless steel coiled material into the original flat stainless steel material, and then make the stainless steel material into a barrel shape through shaping, laser welding and other processes. The pipe drawing process can process stainless steel plates with different widths into stainless steel pipes with different diameters. The tube drawing process was born in the last century. Due to its stable production and high processing efficiency, it is used by many stainless steel water cup factories. At the same time, the tube drawing process is also used by many factories that specialize in the production of building decoration materials.

The disadvantage of the drawing process is that the stainless steel pipes made by laser welding will have an obvious laser welding line. At the same time, the high-temperature laser welding line will appear black, which will directly affect the appearance of the product. Especially when producing stainless steel water cups, the welding wires on the outer wall can be covered up through processes such as polishing and spray painting, but the welding wires on the inner wall of the inner tank are often difficult to handle and are difficult to eliminate through processes such as exposure electrolysis. Now with the advancement and improvement of technology, the addition of spin thinning technology can make the inner wall welding wire fade until it disappears.

Post time: Jul-05-2024