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Difference Between Coffee Cup and Tea Cup

A teacup is a utensil for holding tea. Water comes out of the teapot, poured into teacups, and tea is served to the guests. There are two types of teacups: small cups are mainly used for tasting oolong tea, also called teacups, and are used in conjunction with fragrant cups. The difference between coffee cups and tea cups When it comes to coffee cups, some people prefer a richly textured ceramic cup for a masculine, full-bodied dark roast. However, most people still use ceramic cups to interpret the fragrance of coffee. Most people who are new to coffee often confuse a coffee cup with a red cup when choosing a cup. Usually, in order to spread the aroma of black tea and appreciate the color of black tea, the bottom of the black tea cup is shallower, the mouth of the cup is wider, and the light transmittance is higher. The coffee cup has a narrow mouth, thick material, and low light transmittance.


There are generally two types of coffee cups: ceramic cups and porcelain cups. The idea that coffee must be drunk while it is hot prevails. To match this thinking, mugmakers have developed ceramic mugs that insulate and bone china mugs that are better than porcelain mugs. The bone china mug containing 25% animal bone powder is light in texture, strong in light transmission, soft in color, high in density and good in heat preservation, and can lower the temperature of the coffee in the cup more slowly. But because bone china cups are much more expensive than ceramic cups and porcelain cups, ordinary families rarely use them, and they can only be found in more refined coffee shops. In addition, the color of the coffee cup is also very important. The color of coffee is clear amber, so in order to express this feature of coffee, it is best to use a white coffee cup. Some manufacturers ignore this problem and draw various colors and even detailed patterns on the cup. This may improve the viewing of the cup when it is placed, but it is often difficult to tell whether the coffee is brewed well by the color of the coffee.

You can choose according to the type of coffee and drinking method, personal preference and drinking occasion. Since personal preferences and drinking occasions depend on each person’s own situation, here I only provide a few choices about coffee types and drinking methods. Generally speaking, ceramic cups are suitable for coffee with darker roast and stronger taste, and porcelain cups are suitable for coffee with lighter taste. In addition, drinking espresso generally uses a special coffee cup below 100CC. Mugs without cup holders are often used when drinking lattes and lady coffees with a high proportion of milk. In addition to the appearance of the cup, it also depends on whether it is easy to pick up and whether the weight is appropriate. In terms of weight, it is better to have a lighter cup. This kind of cup has a fine texture, which shows that the raw material particles for making coffee cups are fine. Therefore, the cup surface is tight, the gap is small, and the coffee stains are not easy to stick to the cup surface. As for the cleaning of the coffee cup, generally rinse it with clean water immediately after drinking the coffee. However, the coffee stains on the surface of the coffee cups that have been used for a long time and have not been cleaned in time can be soaked in lemon juice for descaling. If it cannot be cleaned thoroughly, it can also be cleaned with a neutral detergent and placed on a sponge. But don’t use a stiff brush. Do not use strong acid or alkali cleaning solution, so as not to scratch the coffee cup.

Post time: Mar-16-2023