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How to clean a sports bottle

Eight ways you can easily clean your sports bottle

1. Heat hot water and add detergent

Add cleaning solution to hot water for cleaning, the usual cleaning solution and cleaning agent are fine.

2. Use a soft brush

Most teapots have a small opening, so you can use a long-handled, soft-bristle brush like a carafe brush to brush the inside and bottom. The slimy residue and aspergillus flavus from the teapot can be easily removed with a soft-bristled brush, not just rinsing with water.

3. Do not use sweet potato cloth

Often, emerald green sweet potato cloths for cooking utensils will damage teapots and cover up dirt more easily.

4. Clean the outer cover

When drinking, the liquid can pass through the spout accordingly, so cleaning should not be forgotten. It is recommended to put the cleaning solution into the pot and press the pot gently to make the cleaning solution flow out from the adsorption port.

5. Wash after every use

Just like you have to wash your sandwich cup every time you run out of it, so should your bicycle teapot. Even if you just drink water, you can sweat, eat and leave leftovers on the teapot’s suction port, which is prone to mold, so you must put the lowest water every time.

6. No need for obvious cleaning fluid

The teapot can also be tossed in the recycling bin if you feel like bleach water needs a more obvious cleaning. In addition, if it is not rinsed, it is likely that the environment has polluted the teapot.

7. Throw away things that should be thrown away

Even if it is cleaned on time, the teapot will inevitably or hide stains after being used for a long time, but I checked and found that the stains on the internal structure have not been removed too much, and in this case it is like changing to a kettle.

8. Let dry

Every time you finish washing your clothes, remember to open the lid and turn it upside down to let the water dry naturally to prevent the growth of Aspergillus flavus. The lid does not need to be put on until it is dry in the water bottle holder.



Post time: Mar-27-2023