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What are the factors to consider when purchasing a fitness pot?

1. “Strong and durable” is important for the pot body material and meat thickness

The material of fitness sports pots is pure aluminum. my country is a strong country in aluminum products and has a complete range of products. In terms of materials used, each manufacturer is different, but many well-known national kettle brands have clearly stated that they use 99.5 osmium granules. . τMei ridge international robbery stoneware diarrhea? /p>

Another factor is the wall thickness of the teapot, usually the wall thickness of a sports teapot is 0.7mm. Usually, it is difficult for customers to identify the wall thickness of the fitness pot, so in order to reduce the cost, they will drill holes to make the wall thickness of the pot thinner to save materials, or some manufacturers will reduce the wall thickness to 0.5mm. An intuition to distinguish the wall thickness of a teapot is that the weight of a teapot with a thinner wall thickness will become lighter when held in hand.

If the fitness sports pot is made of aluminum with low purity or second-best wall thickness, it is very easy to sag, collide, and collapse due to collision or drop during application. Generally, the aluminum material used for fitness sports teapots has a high degree of cleanliness. If the wall thickness is qualified, the compressive strength and ductility of fitness sports teapots will become better, reaching the level of impact resistance and impact resistance. The better the natural quality, the higher the cost and price.


2. The importance of “safety and reliability” is the coating of fitness pots

As we all know, excessive intake of aluminum will cause great harm to the physical and mental health of the body. The electroplating treatment inside the fitness sports pot is a protection problem: to protect the water, fruit juice, milk, freshly ground coffee and other healthy beverages in the fitness sports pot and the aluminum pot body.

Under the pressure of fierce competition in the import and export market, in order to reduce costs and improve market competitiveness, at this stage most domestic manufacturers have adopted cheap electroplating raw materials, limited to the scale of operation and overall strength, and their mechanical equipment and technology inevitably prove Improve the spraying quality of the inner coating of the fitness sports pot.

The coating of fitness sports pots must meet the food-grade environmental sanitation regulations, but due to the lack of management control and testing, at this stage, domestic fitness sports pots, except for some manufacturers with relatively large training models, basically have coatings for cheap products on the market. Different levels of puzzles.

Usually, the pot lid of a fitness pot is made up of two parts, a pot lid and a sealing ring. During the whole process of use, due to the high quality of ordinary sports teapots, the sealing ring becomes longer when it is twisted out of the shape, and due to cold and hot temperature factors, it sticks to a part of the teapot mouth, and even pulls it out from the lid, causing inconvenience in use Additionally, continued loss can jeopardize the reuse of the teapot.

Excellent fitness pots choose secondary injection molding technology, which quickly integrates the sealing ring and pot cover, which not only achieves excellent sealing effect, but also avoids the possibility of pulling out from the root.

Some of the tightness of a nozzle depends on the level of fit between the nozzle cap and nozzle threads. If the fit is not high, it may cause leakage during the whole process of normal use, which will bring a lot of inconvenience to use. I think many people have some discomfort in this regard.

In addition, the threaded edges of the nozzles of basically all sports teapots are very sharp, and there are few cases of hurting fingers and mouths, but it happens occasionally. Good sports pots have more humanized processing and solutions for this. It rounds the edge of the helical teeth and removes them completely, there may be a small chance of injuring the fingers and mouth.



Post time: Mar-29-2023